Vision analysis

The goal of optometry is to achieve the best possible vision of healthy eyes with glasses and contact lenses. Various vision tests are conducted using the latest equipment to determine the best correction for the eyes. If a medical issue is suspected during the tests, you will be immediately referred to an ophthalmologist by the optometrist. We recommend having optometric tests done every 2 years to detect any abnormalities early.

30-45 minutes

Vision Analysis

As part of the comprehensive vision analysis, we accurately determine the visual performance of each eye to identify individual refractive errors. These results serve as the basis for the optimal selection of eyeglass lenses or contact lenses.

30-45 minutes

Eye Health Checkup

From the age of 40, the likelihood of age-related eye diseases significantly increases. For this reason, we conduct a detailed preventive check to examine your eyes for serious illnesses.

ca. 15 minutes

Vision test for learner's permit

When obtaining a driver's license, a vision test is mandatory. This test is conducted to determine whether you require visual aids while participating in road traffic. Please bring your ID card with you for your vision test.

30-60 minutes

Examination for dry eyes

Dry eyes can have both harmless causes and be an indication of more serious conditions. To determine the exact cause of your dry eyes, we conduct a thorough examination. Subsequently, we provide comprehensive advice on the measures you can take to alleviate and treat your dry eyes.

ca. 60 minutes

Myopia control for children

ca. 30 minutes

Contact Lens Examination

We conduct regular checks to ensure that your contact lenses continue to fit optimally. If necessary, we adjust your contact lenses to meet your individual needs and eye characteristics, in order to guarantee the best possible wearing comfort and optimal visual performance.

We are happy to advise you in person.