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Tips and tricks to see better in the dark

It's autumn. In the morning, it's getting light later, and in the evening, it's getting dark early. Good lighting at home can help, but when driving, especially in the rain, seeing clearly becomes challenging.

What can improve visibility?

The eye has special sensory cells on the retina called cones and rods. During daylight and brightness, the colored sensory cells, cones, are activated. For night vision, the black and white sensory cells, rods, come into play. This adjustment from day to night vision in significantly reduced brightness requires some time.

In the first 15 minutes, the adaptation happens quickly, but the full visual performance is only achieved after about 40 to 60 minutes. Before driving at night, allow your eyes to adjust to darkness; do not just rush off, but start your journey particularly cautiously. Ensure clean car windows and remember to clean the headlights regularly.

If needed, wear glasses that are optimally corrected and fitted for your eyes. Regularly have your vision checked and adjusted. Nowadays, there are special glasses that support better vision at night, like Nikon's 'Night Drive Boost' glasses. These glasses can be worn both during the day and at night. During a night drive, numerous external light sources can be distracting. The bright headlights of oncoming vehicles and the scattered light from street lighting can cause glare and reflections. The special anti-reflective coating on the lenses reduces the common blurriness experienced at night, resulting in less glare compared to lenses without anti-reflective coating.

Blink frequently or use eye drops to moisten your eyes additionally. When the car is air-conditioned, dry eyes may occur, leading to blurred vision. This could be a common issue especially when wearing contact lenses.

If you are walking or cycling, remember how crucial it is for drivers to see you well and early. Wear bright clothing, preferably with reflective elements.

We wish you a safe and healthy autumn and winter season.

Ensure your safety and that of other road users by optimally preparing your eyes to see in the dark. Make an appointment today to have your eyesight checked and get advice on special lenses for night driving. This way, you will be perfectly equipped for every journey, whether by day or by night.