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How well are your eyes protected from blue light?

The high-energy blue light HEV is suspected of causing eye diseases, sleep disorders, and concentration problems.


Optimal Eye Protection in the Winter Sun

A delightful winter day and a trip to the snow are calling. Keep in mind that the UV radiation is very high due to the reflection of the sun in the snow. Especially in winter, it is advisable to wear a good pair of sunglasses.

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What helps with watery eyes?

It's cold and flu season again! On average, adults get a cold or flu twice a year, while children get them even more frequently. In addition to the typical symptoms like fever, cough, and runny nose, many people with a cold also suffer from watery eyes.

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Tips and tricks to see better in the dark

It's autumn. In the morning, it's getting light later, and in the evening, it's getting dark early. Good lighting at home can help, but when driving, especially in the rain, seeing clearly becomes challenging.

What can improve visibility?

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